MAC Unsung Heroes: Costa Riche Eye Kohl

wearing $16 MAC Costa Riche Eye Kohl on my lower lash lines
I’ll be paying a check out to the MAC pro store this week as part of a super-secret spy girl mission tomorrow (stay tuned!), which indicates that poor El Hub will be left to play outside on his phone while I clear out the store’s inventory of MAC Costa Riche.

How lots of times have I talked about this Eye Kohl…? Lima? Enam? two dozen?


It is well past time for me to give it the Unsung Heroes treatment.

A warm golden brown Eye Kohl in the MAC permanent line, Costa Riche has been my brown eyeliner bae considering that late 2013.

Seeing as how I fall in love with new products every other week (sorry, it’s true), you might think that my obsession with it would have waned, but nooo. I still reach for Costa Riche at least three or four times a week because 1) it goes well with so lots of different eyeshadows, and 2) it feels good on my lash and water lines (when my eyes are irritated and/or watering due to allergies or something else, Costa Riche is one of the few things I can still wear that won’t make things worse).


Kaus Kucing & Makeup ??

$ 42.

Berbelanja sekarang

And it does so much for different eye colors. brown eyes look a lot more chocolatey, and blue, green, hazel and gray eyes rock it, too. I think it brings out a lot more appeal in all of them and makes your natural eye color stand out.

I’ve never met a person who hates how they look in Costa Riche. It’s the people’s liner!

Other things I’m wearing in this look…

Eyes — MAC Antiqued Eye Shadow, Chanel Le volume Mascara, Estee Lauder little Black Primer
Brows — MAC Brun Eyeshadow, Bobbi brown natural Brow Shaper
Cheeks — BECCA Damselfly Blush, BECCA Opal Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed, Guerlain 4 seasons Terracotta 03 natural Brunettes
Lips — BECCA beach Tint Lip Shimmer Souffle in Raspberry/Opal
Face — Dior Diorskin nude Air in 040, YSL Touche Eclat in 4.5, Maybelline fit Me Concealer in 25, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish natural in medium Tan
Shirt — LOFT

And it’s even easy to use. Soft, smooth and pigmented, it blends and layers without skipping, tugging or rubbing, so there’s none of that nonsense. As par for the MAC Eye Kohl course, it also doesn’t set immediately, so you have time to manipulate it (I’d say about five minutes). It’s smudgy, smokey diffused liner heaven.

A swatch of MAC Costa Riche on my NC42 skin
When I use Costa Riche, I like to line my water lines first, then do my upper and lower lash lines, which I smudge using the edge of a flat eyeshadow brush or a pencil brush. then I’ll normally continue with other parts of my makeup before returning to my eyes for another layer of Costa Riche along my water lines for a lot more intensity.

If you find that Costa Riche vanishes from your water lines quickly, try gently rubbing them (your water lines) with a cotton swab first (but please don’t poke out your eye). then apply the liner. give it five minutes to dry, and then go back in for a second layer. That must lock it down.


This brown bombshell opts for just about everything. I’ve worn it with neutral browns and beiges, purples, warm golden taupes, greens, blues and golds, and that’s just for starers. I could probably write a dissertation on the MAC eyeshadows that look extraordinary with this color (Sable, Antiqued, Trax, Saddle, texture and Twinks, to name a few). It’s the definition of flexible, and it’s a worthy workhorse to add to your makeup bag.

Pecandu banding lingkungan Anda yang ramah,


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